New Macbook Pros launched. OLED Touch bar is real!

Apple lauched a new line of Macbook Pros yesterday. These are faster, lighter and thinner than their predecessors, come in two colors and have a multi touch OLED screen above the keyboard.

Source : Apple


The ‘hello again’ event on 27th October marked the 25th year since the first Apple laptop was launched. We surely have come a long way since. The latest member of the portable computer family is the new Macbook Pro. Packed with powerful internals, these laptops come in two sizes like before; 13 inch and 15 inch. Both are noticeably thinner than the last Macbook Pro.

Weighing just 3 pounds, the 13 inch Macbook Pro is the same weight as the Macbook Air. The 15 inch model weighs 4 pounds. All ports except the headphone jack are replaced by USB C ports. All four USB C ports can used to to charge the laptop as USB C is bi directional with power supply.

256 GB is now the entry level storage space. The highest variant has a 2 TB storage option. Similary, the RAM in the entry level model is 8 GB but the highest variant has 16 GB of memory. The 13 inch model comes with an onboard Intel Iris 540/550 graphics. The 15 inch model has a dedicated AMD Radeon Pro with 2 gigs of video memory. It is configurable upto 4 GB.

The new Macbook Pro has adopted the butterfly mechanism keyboard from the 12 inch Macbook. But the area above the keyboard has a major update. The Touch Bar. It is an OLED screen with retina density. Being multi touch, it runs on iOS.

Source : Apple

The Touch Bar changes depending on what application is being used. It can be used to toggle the brightness and volume, change tabs in Safari, swipe through photos etc. The one simple thing which I think is a classic use of the Touch Bar is word prediction. Just like iOS, the Touch Bar gives predictions as you type.

Another major addition is Touch ID. It is placed along the Touch Bar on the extreme right. TouchID on the Macbook Pro can be used to unlock, pay and switch user profiles.

There is another model of the Macbook Pro without the Touch Bar and Touch ID. It has physical function keys and two USB C ports instead of one. This is a Macbook Air alternative with comparativly lower specs.

Source : Apple

The prices start at $1499 for the 13 inch model without the Touch Bar and Touch ID. $1799 for the 13 inch model and $2399 for the 15 inch model. Prices in India start at 129900, 155900 and 205900 for the respective models.


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