New MacBooks arriving on 27th Oct. Apple sends invites.

Apple has sent out invites for an event on 27th of this month. The event will take place at the Apple Campus in Cupertino. This event comes after the iPhone 7 event where MacBooks didnt get any mention. 

The invite reads ‘hello again’. When Steve Jobs launched the first Mac, the screen read ‘hello’. The invite is a clear reference to Macs. The MacBook lineup needs an overdue refresh as most of the latest updates have been minimal.

We can expect a redesigned Macbook Pro with an OLED strip in place of the function keys. It has long been rumored that the new strip will be customizable. Martin Hajek has produced some neat renderings of what the new MacBook Pro may look like.

With major upgrades in performance, the MacBook Pro will likely feature a thinner and lighter body. Multiple USB C ports may replace all other ports except the headphone jack. This means we will say goodbye to MagSafe chargers. The power button may also house a fingerprint scanner.

MacBook Air is unlikely to see any major redesign other than some performance increments. It is also rumored than the 11 inch Air variant will be discontinued. The Mac Mini too needs a complete design and performance overhaul but no source has yet pointed to this.

A 5K Thunderbolt display is very likely to be launched with an inbuilt graphics solution to upscale the resolution from lower end Macs. The MacBook Pro will be the headliner in this event with a plethora of new improvements and design changes.

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