iPhone 7 preview based on leaks and rumors

As September comes close, the iPhone rumour mill is spinning fast. Here’s what it suggests –

Subtle design changes – The iPhone 7 will not see a major change in the form factor or the design. The leaks point to a change in the antenna lines. Instead of the back and the edges, they will only be present on the top and bottom edges of the phone.


Alleged iPhone 7 leak from Weibo


The other major rumour is the exclusion of headphone jack. The next generation of iPhones might require you to buy lightning compatible earphones. Though some sources say the headphone jack might be present in only the smaller iPhone 7 and not in the iPhone 7 Plus. We can expect lightning EarPods bundled with the new iPhones.

render (3)

What it might look without a headphone jack. Source : martinhajek.com



Dual lens camera  – Apple puts serious effort in the camera domain. This year it will likely add another camera. Last year Apple acquired LinX Imaging, an Israeli camera company specializing in multi aperture camera lenses for mobile devices. The dual lens arrangement will improve zoom and add depth to photos. Laser focus is also reported to be added to the camera apparatus.

render (4)

Render showing the dual camera. Source : martinhajek.com

Smart connector and wireless charging – An alleged leak also pointed to a smart-connector, just like the one on iPad Pro. In my guess only the larger, iPhone 7 Plus will have the smart connector.

Samsung brought wireless charging into the mainstream last year with the Galaxy S6 and many other makers have included this sleek feature in their flagships. Apple is reportedly hiring engineers with expertise in wireless charging technology. Though this is new for Apple as the Apple Watch has inductive charging, incorporating it in the iPhone will certainly take some tinkering.

This year, Apple might focus more on the features and value addition than design. Keeping in mind the falling iPhone sales reported this year, Apple has a mountainous job of making the next generation of iPhones drool worthy. And looking at what the rumours suggest, it is well on it’s way to do just that; make the iPhone 7 drool worthy.

Here are some renderings based on leaks and rumours by Martin Hajek –

iphone 7 hajek

Source : martinhajek.com


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