iPhone 6S Plus ravages the best of Google and Microsoft

In a new speed test by David Rahimi of Phonebuff, the Nexus 6P and Lumia 950 XL take a blow from the iPhone 6S Plus.

The video is a speed comparison of it’s own kind. Here, David first starts the stopwatch and opens system apps in each phone. While the stopwatch is running in the background, the apps are switched and then we see third party apps being opened.

The iPhone 6S Plus works super fine with all the multitasking in progress while the best from Google and Microsoft fail to keep up.


Though not a benchmark test of a defined kind, this test is quite practical in it’s own ways. This speed is what matters while we use the phone and it seems Google and Microsoft need to put in some serious effort to even get close to Apple.

Check the full video


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