The new iPhones are here!!

Apple has finally took the cover off the next flagship phones. They are called iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 PlusUntitled

No sapphire displays but the screen is made up of ion – strengthened glass.

Works in landscape mode like the iPad. The pixel densities have notched up to 401 ppi and its called Retina HD. Has one handed side swipe gesture.

The thickness is 7.1mm for the 5.5 inch and 6.9mm for the 4.7 inch version.cpueA8-640x426
With the new A8 processor, we have upto fifty times better CPU performance.


The NFC rumors were true, you can pay at select stores by placing the phone near the NFC enabled payment counter.

Finally, the 128GB storage option is added to the lineup. 32GB has been replaced.

I will be writing another article about the in-depth analysis of both the iPhones in a short while. Subscribe to my blog for more.


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