iOS 8 – All the features named

Apple just unveiled iOS 8, the next update to it’s mobile operating system. iOS 8 has loads of new features. Some were discussed in the keynote and some were not. Here are all the known(till now) features added in iOS.

messages_iconMessages – You can now add voice notes and videos in messages.Just lift the phone to your ears to listen to a voice note received. This is being called a rip off, only better than what we currently have. Group messaging has been tweaked. You can add a custom name to a group, mute the group or leave whenever wanted. Current location can be sent via the message app itself.


quicktype_iconKeyboard – The infamous auto-correct feature gets an update.The predictive text is now able to learn as we use it and gives better suggestion for specific conversations. Predictive text is now available for 14 countries. And one of the major announcements made in WWDC, third party keyboards are now available to use on iOS. So Swiftkey, magic keyboard and all other favorites will make typing as never before.


family_sharing_iconFamily sharing – Up to 6 members can share purchases. Credit card information can be shared and photos, family calender can be synchronized with all the members.

iCloud Drive – It is a knockout blow to Dropbox and Microsoft Onedrive. Just like the counterparts you can store all types of files on all your devices.

health_iconHealth – Instead of using different third party health apps, you can now monitor all your health related data at one place.There is a new tool for developers called HealthKit which is a platform for developing all health related apps.


continuity_icon (1)Handoff – This feature is also one of the headliner features of this year’s WWDC. Devices connected with same iCloud account can now hand-off the last task being perform to one another. If you are writing a mail on your iPhone and you approach your Mac, it prompts with an icon and with a click the mail is transferred to your mac so you can carry on writing it from your mac. Apps like Mail, Safari, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Maps, Messages, Reminders, Calendar, and Contacts can currently use it. And developers can build Handoff into their apps now, too.

You can receive and make calls from your Mac through your iPhone.

Spotlight – You can now search the internet as well as the app store too from the spotlight search.

Search photos by date, location or album name.

Photo editing – This makes the iPhoto somewhat obsolete. Color balance, auto correction and various other features are now available through the photos app itself.

These were the features which were discussed in the keynote. Apart from these there are many more features Apple didn’t talk about.

Panorama mode in iPad

Auto night mode for iBooks

Battery usage per app – You can now see which app has been draining your battery.

Rounding out the bunch is a feature titled “Hey, Siri.” The feature lets you activate Siri without touching your device. Perhaps Apple’s A8 system-on-a-chip will include the feature which lets you summon Siri anytime in the new iPhone and iPad models expected in September.

This is a huge update and just like everytime, Apple did what no one could expect. An upgrade with this much of potential only makes me wonder what is left to bring out in the next one.

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