Apple rumoured to buy beats. What may happen.

Beats by Dr. Dre is a premium headphone and speaker brand currently owned by the first hip hop artist billionaire Dr. Dre. The Lovine – Dre company is known for fine headphones and frequent celebrity endorsements.
Unlike Apple, Beats does not have much of innovation up its sleeve but in the recent years has emerged as a major brand among the likeness of Sennheiser, JBL and Bose. It wants you to “experience music the way the artists intend you to and the same sound they listen when they record”.

So, Apple and Beats come together and what does the combination mean? My insight is that Apple is planning to revive its music service and products. iPod has been tagged “obsolete” often after iPhone entered the scene. iTunes is not as popular after music streaming options like Spotify were launched.

Currently iTunes does not offer HD videos or music. Third party apps play files with higher bit rates but the quality is not the same. Beats working under Apple could mean support for HD audio and we may see HD EarPods, who knows.
And along with the headphones Beats also has a lesser known music streaming service. iTunes may get streaming functionality along with HD quality audio and videos.
Apple certainly played a very thoughtful move and this may prove to be the boost iTunes and the iPod needs to rule the music domain, again.


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