iPhone 6 preview based on all legit leaks


Apple seems to finally push the screen real estate out of single handed operation. With almost half an year of speculation and almost half more to go, one thing is pretty clear that we will see a bigger iPhone finally, or two. 4.7 and 5.5 inch are the two most talked about sizes. With a larger screen a larger resolution is expected and sources have pointed to
a pixel density of around 400.

Sapphire displays are doing rumour rounds but the problem with sapphire displays is the cost and the bulk it will add to the flagship phone. Two things I have learned about Apple over the years, Apple really wants it’s products to be slim and light, and Apple and affordable can’t go hand in hand. It is unlikely that Apple will raise the already high price bar on its phones. And compromising with the weight and thickness is a total no no. Recent reports insist that the 4.7 inch model will be launched a couple months before the 5.5 inch model. And also that the 5.5 inch version will be a limited edition. The sapphire display might find its way in this model since the flagship will be launched beforehand. A limited edition phone can have a higher price tag so sapphire crystal displays can be expected in
the 5.5 inch version of the iPhone.


Johnny Ive’s signature curved design was introduced first with the 5th generation iPod touch and gradually made its way to the iPad lineup with iPad mini and then with iPad Air.

The next iPhone can be expected to feature a similar rounded design. The rumour mill has also pointed to the same facts with many leaks and renderings of the hardware.

The camera may not see an upgrade in the pixel department but a better image sensor is on the way.

Ari Partinen, Nokia’s camera engineer recently joined Apple and Apple also filed an optical image stabilisation patent. So there is a lot of betterment coming in the camera sphere of the next iPhone.20140517-100748.jpg

Next gen Touch ID, health apps, multitasking in iOS 8(iPad) are the most likely features among others.


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