Reasons why Apple is not in a rush to make a bigger screen iPhone

Numerous rumours suggest Apple Is going to launch a larger screen iPhone this September. Here are 5 reasons it might not.

  • Jobs said so.

The company’s co-founder on many events has stated that in spite of rivals making larger screen smartphones, Apple doesn’t plan on launching one any time soon. On one of the events he is quoted as saying –

making a phone so big you can’t get your hand around it helps, but no one’s going to buy that.

  •  Tim Cook said so.

Apple CEO Tim Cook seldom makes public statements. On one interview with the Wall Street Journal, when reminded that customers want a bigger screen in the next iPhone, he responded Apple is not in a rush to make one because with bigger screen comes bigger tradeoffs and unless the technology is ready we won’t be seeing a bigger iPhone.

  • Users are now habituated with the luxury of one hand operation.

On the launch of iPhone 5, which saw a upgrade in screen size from the previous generation, Phill Schiller and Tim Cook stressed the fact that the width has been kept the same to facilitate one hand operation. One hand operation does keep things easy. Apple really wants it’s products to be simple.

  • It won’t be Retina any more.

A bigger screen with the current resolution will result in an even less pixel density. Rivals have ppi of 400 and the likeness in their flagships. The iPhone 5 and 5s have 326 ppi. This number will drop further if the resolution is not increased with the screen size. Contradictory to these facts, the rumour mill suggests something else. Seems the technology giant is in the process of giving a surprise. Apple might want to keep one hand operation intact but then there is another category of devices Apple has not yet probed in. Phablets. In my opinion, going with the rumours, a phablet might be in the making.

iPhablet concept by Ran Ivni



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