iPad Air after 3 months. A review.

iPad Air – 3 months later.


Like the one in the commercial 🙂

I bought the iPad Air a little more than 3 months ago. Since I am in India I had to buy the product at an exorbitant price but being an Apple fan it was worth it. This is a review about a 3 month old iPad Air.
1. It is not durable against physical damage.
It is very fragile I saw an iPad Air’s screen smashed due to a fall of just 4 feet, it was not mine though.

2. Early manufactured models have hardware issues.
Yes, they do. Games as small as temple run lag since day one even when I have updated to iOS 7.1. Vector is not playable at times and the transitions get grumpy sometimes. I have restored it several times, once from the iCloud but no help there. The screen appears to be bend inwards and a little dark at the left side. This is a problem with many units. The solution, well take it to an Apple store and get it replaced but the nearest Apple store from India is in China. So…

3. It can replace your laptop.
I use it for a range of stuff; from gaming to writing, mailing and the occasional movies. The keyboard is amazing and it gets better with 7.1. Systems apps work flawlessly and the portability makes it carrying around so easy.


4. Audio output is below expectation.
I got a pair of headphones and I was taken by dismay when I plugged it in. The same file gives a significantly high output on my HTC One X. Apple earpods work just fine though. Apart from the low volume, the clarity is unmatched, as usual.

5. Get a screen guard.
A thin film of plastic can really save your front panel from looking hideous. Although it has scratch-resistant glass, the screen needs some serious protection. Just 2 days without a screen guard awarded me with a couple of little lines. Keys probably caused them.

6. The.Best.Tablet.
Apart from my unfortunate time of buying the tab which resulted in me getting the one with some hardware issues, it is the best tab by a margin. Using Pages, Garageband and other apps which seamlessly synchronise data with iCloud is a treat.



Hope this helped. And don’t forget to browse App Store regularly for some amazing apps that use the large real estate and give real productivity.

I originally wrote this review for Engadget.com. Have a look – http://www.engadget.com/products/apple/ipad/air/reviews/124b/.

P.S.-The iPad Air featured on this website’s home page is the one you read about.


3 thoughts on “iPad Air after 3 months. A review.

  1. bro every thing has It,s pro and cons , nothing is perfect
    even though apple has this time not reached upto the mark for what apple stands for .

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